2014 is coming to a close, time for a little reflection and the obligatory year-end review.  It was a busy one and narrowing down the images is not easy, especially when you put 20,000 clicks on your shutter.  I saw countless trails, trees, and fungi in parks on the city, county, state and even national level.  I continued to point my camera at anything rusty, flaking, moldy, or generally in a decrepit state.  And I furthered my journey down the rabbit hole of weird, time-based experimenting and long exposure 4d melting.

But, more than anything, I shot a lot of concerts.  Specifically, I shot 146 bands on 19 different stages, 24 concerts, and 5 multiple day music festivals.

Thanks to everyone that walked through the woods with me, putting up with my incessant stopping and side routes.  Thanks to everyone at Cincymusic.com – especially Kelly Painter for dealing with the endless email/text/messenger requests for photo passes, Bill Donabedian and Michael Kearns at Bunbury/Buckle Up Festivals, Scott Preston at Cincygroove.com, and Jonathan Newsome at Unsung Melody for letting me shoot the music that I love so much.  And a huge round of applause for all the photographers at CincyMusic and The Alliance of Music Photographers FB group.  Endless talent in a small and competitive pool, yet welcoming, sharing, and friendly as they come.  You all make me a better photographer.

In no particular order, these are my 60 favorites from 2014.