2016 was a rough one.  Exits and uncertainty were abound.  An insane election cycle, a large portion of my music collection moving out of the “contemporary” section, and saying goodbye to one of my favorite people – I’m happy to send this one on its way.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, though.  I got to work with the amazingly talented folks at ArtWorks, got Polly Magazine‘s issue 02 onto newsstands, and worked with some great people and artists at Open Roads United.  And as busy as I was this year, I still seem to have gotten out into the middle of it all.

You never really know the patterns until you look back over the body of work.  Reviewing the photos from this year shows I’ve stayed true to my “woods and concerts” formula.   121 bands and countless trees, it’s not a bad way to spend your time.

Happy New Year everyone!  With a little empathy and civility, we’ll get through this one too.