Maybe I should rename this series Emerging Theme.  And if you have not picked up on what that theme is yet, it’s that I apparently spend very little time not in the woods.  I’m starting to wonder if I just come inside to charge my camera’s batteries and post these pictures.

This installment brings us to one of the more interesting parts of the forest – fungus.  Over 10,000 known types of mushrooms in all shapes and colors cover this country.  Simultaneously delicate and resilient, they can grow just about anywhere there is damp, decaying vegetation.  These were found in Kentucky’s Daniel Boone NF, Ohio’s Shawnee Lookout and Tennessee’s Cherokee NF.  But before you head out for the great hunt, remember, only 20% are thought to be edible (and only a small portion of those enjoyable).  If touched or ingested, 25% of these will make you quite ill or possibly make you lie down…permanently.

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