Will someone please slow this thing down.

I’m not sure what I think is supposed to happen, as if my trajectory will suddenly skew and something will take over my attention. But here I am again, looking back at a year of CWW – Concerts, Woods, Wander. It’s clearly what I like doing most.

This year we made it to Lake Michigan and Detroit, several weekends filled with discoveries along the back roads of the Midwest, and the customary hiking trips of central Kentucky. I got to study with Cincinnati royalty Michael Wilson. I was invited to hang a bunch of my work with the Forealism Tribe in The Carnegie‘s Galleries as part of the Fotofocus Biennial. Keith Klenowski was kind enough to sit and chat while I proved there’s a learning curve to portraiture (proof in Issue 04 of Polly Magazine). I continued my path down the photographic rabbit hole of stretching, chopping, and recomposing time and space.

And on a sad note, I found that I have shot the final Whispering Beard of the Friendship years. The people who organize this amazing festival are simply some of the best people, I have no doubt it will move on and grow and change and settle into a whole new thing that every August I count the days down to. But for now, I’m full of memories and a little sad to see it go. It makes the photo I took backstage, when everyone was on the other side, jumping and hollering to Saturday night’s send off with The Tillers, that much more meaningful. I hope to still find those fleeting, quiet moments when you catch yourself alone in a crowd and so full of ease you can’t help but smile.

Here are a handful I hope do this year justice: