For the 2012 Cincy Fringe Festival‘s Visual Fringe, I created the Long Exposure Project – throughout the course of the 12 day festival, I shot the performances and events in a long exposure format.

I have always been fascinated with using photography to bend our perception of what is physically possible. Either through dragging the shutter or stitching together a photo taken from multiple viewpoints, the image is at once realistic and spatially confusing. The photos become a story about what you’ve seen rather than the actual thing you saw.

For this project I wanted to focus on the relationship between movement and time. In as little as a few seconds, with enough movement, one fails to register in the image at all. Standing still for 5 minutes during a 60 minute exposure will leave just the ghost of an image. A 45 minute dance performance might look like an empty stage. I like the idea of seeing a well lit scene with props in place and only swirls and trails left behind of the performance that happened there. The recording of an entire event reduced to a single frame. It makes me wonder what marks will be left when I am gone.