I spend a lot of time in the woods.  Childhood was climbing trees, exploring fields, and catching snakes and crawdads in the creek before suburbia swallowed it all up.  While I now reside in the city, I’m lucky to be a few minutes drive from a trail and can be in the thick of it within an hour.  I’m less interested in the challenges or chest thumping of it all.  I guess I just find it completely relaxing for reasons that don’t really matter to me.  The weight just seems to lift off when my tires hit the gravel.

Part 2 of my Emerging Themes series is about the trails.  What started as a visual documenting of where I’d been (and a clue for me to find my way back out) has now become a habit, apparently.  The white diamonds of the Red River Gorge, the turtle of the Sheltowee Trace, or an afternoon with the White Blaze of the A.T. – trail markers can be a welcome sight when the path is less obvious.